Copenhagen, the cosy spot of Scandinavia

Copenhagen was one of these cities that I have always wanted to visit really bad. I remember watching many years ago a news story on TV about the happiest country in the world - Denmark. I was unable to forget this. The reporter explained the reason for Denmark to be such a happy country, and … Continue reading Copenhagen, the cosy spot of Scandinavia

short trip to Dublin, stepping in Howth

  I went on a flash trip to Dublin, leaving London very early on a Saturday morning and coming back Sunday night. I had never been in Ireland but had heard a few things about it. First of all, a friend had told me she absolutely disliked Dublin. The streets were full of strange people (gypsies), … Continue reading short trip to Dublin, stepping in Howth

the magical view of Loch Lomond

Sitting now in my room in this grey and rainy Sunday afternoon, it seems my trip to Loch Lomond took place in a parallel world. It was only last Sunday, Easter Sunday, and I was blessed with some sunshine on my way up Conic Hill. When planning my trip to Glasgow, I also wanted to … Continue reading the magical view of Loch Lomond

A break in the Swiss Alps

First time I went to Switzerland I knew it was an expensive country. However, I happily realised that the best things to see are free. These are the amazing views, towards the majestic, intimidating mountains, with their tops covered in white snow, almost shouting without a sound how hostile that can be for a week … Continue reading A break in the Swiss Alps

Vienna, the majestic

My first impression of Vienna was literally WOW. Perhaps because I was coming from Prague, a smaller and modest city in comparison, I was slightly overwhelmed when I arrived to the city. Vienna is definitely beautiful, charming, majestic. But intimidating in a way I wasn’t expecting. Every single building seem to have been built for … Continue reading Vienna, the majestic

Prague, the precious architectural maze

When it comes to writing about Prague, it's difficult to me to tell you what I liked the most. It seems it has its very own personality problem. If in daylight you are inspired by the pastel coloured buildings, in its dazzling Baroque style, by twilight, with the lights go out, it’s the gothicism of … Continue reading Prague, the precious architectural maze

Amsterdam: what I did

I’ve decided to put in a different post my personal tips based on my trip to Amsterdam. As you can read in my previous post, I just adored the city and it was all I was expecting and probably a slightly bit more! However, sometimes I need to make my brain stop being so poetic … Continue reading Amsterdam: what I did

Amsterdam, live & let live

Oh Amsterdam, Amsterdam… a city I wanted to visit for so, so long, and finally did! I think the fascination with Amsterdam started when I was really young, still a child I believe. My mum used to watch this Brazilian soap opera after dinner in our living room. I was never a big fan of … Continue reading Amsterdam, live & let live