the magical view of Loch Lomond

Sitting now in my room in this grey and rainy Sunday afternoon, it seems my trip to Loch Lomond took place in a parallel world. It was only last Sunday, Easter Sunday, and I was blessed with some sunshine on my way up Conic Hill. When planning my trip to Glasgow, I also wanted to … Continue reading the magical view of Loch Lomond

this time Glasgow, where the past meets the future

Last year, Easter 2017, I have stepped my feet in a country with which I completely fell in love with. That country was Scotland and could not stop thinking about going back since then. So, Easter 2018, had Scotland as a destination as well. I was afraid the spell would be broken. I thought all … Continue reading this time Glasgow, where the past meets the future

Edinburgh’s Cemeteries Photo Edit

Gothicism is this style┬áthat have always had a special place in my heart. A natural attraction to gloomy settings and dark themes that has been in me since I can remember. Gothic literature, architecture and music are the not-so-guilty pleasures of my life. Obviously, this includes cemeteries. ┬áLuckily the UK is very rich in this … Continue reading Edinburgh’s Cemeteries Photo Edit