Castles up north – Eilean Castle

The most beautiful thing about castles isn't normally its architecture, the interiors or its details. Castles are usually built in strategic points and their primary goal was typical defense. So what is that makes it so exciting to visit castles, that goes beyond historical significance? There must be a lot of different opinions out there … Continue reading Castles up north – Eilean Castle

Castles up north – the Urquhart

Last August I went once again up to Scotland and "raided" a few castles. One can't really get enough of looking at once was place of royals and yet feel slightly disgusted when pondering on how others could have so much. However, I imagine the contrast in these places couldn't be too pronounced. Castles (or … Continue reading Castles up north – the Urquhart

A few shots of the most northern city of the UK

Bla bla bla, I love Scotland, bla bla bla, if you've been following this blog, you already know that. I used Inverness as my base to explore Skye and some castles around up there in the highlands. There isn't really much to do in Inverness - it's a small town, a small place, where visitors … Continue reading A few shots of the most northern city of the UK

the magical view of Loch Lomond

Sitting now in my room in this grey and rainy Sunday afternoon, it seems my trip to Loch Lomond took place in a parallel world. It was only last Sunday, Easter Sunday, and I was blessed with some sunshine on my way up Conic Hill. When planning my trip to Glasgow, I also wanted to … Continue reading the magical view of Loch Lomond

this time Glasgow, where the past meets the future

Last year, Easter 2017, I have stepped my feet in a country with which I completely fell in love with. That country was Scotland and could not stop thinking about going back since then. So, Easter 2018, had Scotland as a destination as well. I was afraid the spell would be broken. I thought all … Continue reading this time Glasgow, where the past meets the future

Edinburgh’s Cemeteries Photo Edit

Gothicism is this style that have always had a special place in my heart. A natural attraction to gloomy settings and dark themes that has been in me since I can remember. Gothic literature, architecture and music are the not-so-guilty pleasures of my life. Obviously, this includes cemeteries.  Luckily the UK is very rich in this … Continue reading Edinburgh’s Cemeteries Photo Edit

A Outlander in the Highlands

  From time to time I find myself struggling to deal with the different callings I feel coming from my mind and heart. One of the things I find hard to deal with is my intense need to live in the middle of chaos, almost as if attracted to it, opposed to my eagerness to … Continue reading A Outlander in the Highlands

Edinburgh, the one I fell in love with

I arrived yesterday from Edinburgh, and yet it seems like a dream. Looking back, it looks like I wasn't there yesterday or last weekend, but in a faraway past. Perhaps because going to Edinburgh was much more than traveling in space; it was traveling in time. I'd say it was precisely this: a trip to … Continue reading Edinburgh, the one I fell in love with