The Birth of Spring – Part 2

It is a cruel consolation to know and see Nature going on as it should go. A consolation because at least something looks normal. While we are in lockdown at home, with our lives on hold, not being able to plan not even short term, piles of anxiety, sadness, loneliness and depression are a contrast … Continue reading The Birth of Spring – Part 2

Status: Travel planning on hold

Without much travelling happening later, it's been hard to keep a frequent posting agenda here. I had made myself the promise that having less travelling at the start of the year wouldn't stop me from posting. Afterall I live in London and there is so many subjects to photograph in this city. And then, my … Continue reading Status: Travel planning on hold

Once upon a time in Little Paris, in Bucharest Romania

Once upon a time there was a place in Europe, in a country named Romania. There was a class of wealthy inhabitants who aspired to leave, only to come back with heads full of magnificient ideas. Ideas to make that place as elegant and cosmopolitan as Paris, where they had just come from. They brought … Continue reading Once upon a time in Little Paris, in Bucharest Romania

One morning in beautiful Sinaia, Romania

Being in Sinaia is almost as being inside of a Tim Burton movie. I fell in love from the moment I stepped out of the station. A small park where I had to go through was covered it autumnal leaves. I was sad I didn't have the chance to stay in Braşov for longer, but … Continue reading One morning in beautiful Sinaia, Romania

What I wanted in Brașov

I didn’t want to leave Brașov. That small adorable town, protected by mountain slopes, where colorful pastel buildings in art nouveau style decorated the streets. Where a sweet smell transpired in the evening as the street vendors distributed warm chimney cakes. Where there was an aspiration to be in the past, and yet to live … Continue reading What I wanted in Brașov

How to bring life to rocks -a lesson by Baroque Roman masters

Piazza Navona was definitely one of my favourite spots in Rome. Surely I won't be the only person to say it. The perfectly geometrical designed plaza features three beautiful fountains. The main one, at its centre, Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, or Fountain of the Four Rivers, was sculpted by Bernini, one the stars of Baroque … Continue reading How to bring life to rocks -a lesson by Baroque Roman masters

Castles up north – Eilean Castle

The most beautiful thing about castles isn't normally its architecture, the interiors or its details. Castles are usually built in strategic points and their primary goal was typical defense. So what is that makes it so exciting to visit castles, that goes beyond historical significance? There must be a lot of different opinions out there … Continue reading Castles up north – Eilean Castle