The charms of faded grandeur

I can't even describe how much I was craving for a sunny Saturday or Sunday to finally be able to emerge a little bit in nature, getting my shoes dirty and take my camera close to my chest. After a couple of rough months - awful winter days, illness, kind of dealing with depression - … Continue reading The charms of faded grandeur

A Outlander in the Highlands

  From time to time I find myself struggling to deal with the different callings I feel coming from my mind and heart. One of the things I find hard to deal with is my intense need to live in the middle of chaos, almost as if attracted to it, opposed to my eagerness to … Continue reading A Outlander in the Highlands

The beauty of a place forgotten by the Gods

Two years ago I was in a place that intrigued me. It was in the middle of nowhere and I must confess I found myself bored. It is a place called São Pedro do Sul, in Portugal, and some friends of my parents invited us to spend some days in their home. I was incredibly … Continue reading The beauty of a place forgotten by the Gods