Living in a fantasy world at the House of Minalima

One grows old, one matures into an adult, leaving behing the years of childhood and allowance to believe in the unreal. However, some of us adults refuse to let all those dreams and fantasies go away. Perhaps because of the meaning they had at some point in our life, we keep and we treasure it … Continue reading Living in a fantasy world at the House of Minalima

Greedy Christmas In Winter Wonderland

Discovering London is for itself an exhilarating experience. However, discovering London in December, when the magic of Christmas is spreading all over the place, is like coming back to our childhood most Christmassy dreams. Yesterday I spent my evening in Winter Wonderland, a Christmas Themed Funfair in Hyde Park.  I had a Bratwurst (German Sausage) … Continue reading Greedy Christmas In Winter Wonderland


If there is something that I always have to have in "my closet" that "something" is multiculturalism. Since my earlier years I've found the cultural diversity fascinating, one of the things that make this world a bit more interesting. Cultures allows us to learn such a big amount of different things, enriching our minds and giving us … Continue reading #WhyILoveLondon

Christmas Arrived To London II

Definitely Christmas is more magical in London. How amazing it is to have events planned to commemorate the switching on of Christmas Lights! Some may find it too much and too early. Well, I agree with “too early” when they did it for Oxford Street in the 1st November. But I love extravagance, and with … Continue reading Christmas Arrived To London II

Christmas arrived to London

  Yes, Christmas arrived to London last Sunday when Kylie Minogue press the button and switched on the Christmas lights in one of the most famous streets in the world: Oxford Street. And, of course, my inner Christmas lover couldn't miss the event. The Christmas spirit was there, with hundreds of people filling the large street, … Continue reading Christmas arrived to London