Plants by the sea

Lately, I have been paying more attention to my surroundings. Going for walks in places already familiar after being away for a long time, has given those places a different mystery. It's like I'm re-reading a book with a different age. Having lived and experienced more. You always find little details you didn't see before. … Continue reading Plants by the sea

London and my fours years living in it

I have now celebrated fours years since I moved to London and I don't know how to feel towards this anniversary. Let be completely transparent and honest. My mood isn't exactly celebratory. Lately and special this year, my state of mind swings from melancholy to complete apathy. I've found myself at times not understanding what … Continue reading London and my fours years living in it

The Palpitations before the Earthquake

A chapter is about to be closed.  Usually, the writer feels accomplishment when finishing a chapter, by giving a deep breath, knowing that there is something that he can leave behind. However, a few moments later, the weight of the expectations for the beginning of the next chapter awakes him as if it was the … Continue reading The Palpitations before the Earthquake

The Dream Ripper – a Tale on Depression

Once upon a time there was a Dream Ripper. It wasn't a man or a woman. He had no shape, no color, no smell. People couldn't see it; they don't even suspect of its existence. However, he used to crumble inside their heads, using its talent to distort reality and make them forget their passions, their ambitions, their … Continue reading The Dream Ripper – a Tale on Depression

How Books have been Saving me from Madness

Even when I didn’t know how to read, books were saving me. Born in a family that doesn't have a great predilection for books, the reason why I was so eager to devour them was quite a mystery. I have been the different one, always feeling as an outsider. I was so desperate to learn … Continue reading How Books have been Saving me from Madness