Embroidery is cool again

Embroidery is an old art, that has passed through generations and generations until today. It was forgotten in Fashion for a while, until last year it started shyly invaded runaways and collections. For me, embroidery means tradition, evokes the sort of thing that grandmothers, mother and aunts used to do as a hobby, embroidering mostly … Continue reading Embroidery is cool again

Fashion is also cultural

Allowing myself to enjoy the thrills that come with Fashion Weeks is something that goes beyond a simple guilty pleasure. Fashion has been much more than that for me. A form of Art, of liberation, and most of all a form of expression that exists in every single one of us. It doesn't matter what you … Continue reading Fashion is also cultural

MoMu – Antwerp’s Fashion Museum

As a fashion lover, not going to Antwerp's Fashion Museum being in Antwerp (just Belgian style capital), would be a sin. And if you do go to Antwerp and you are indecisive about where to go, I must recommend this museum. Do go. Do enjoy. It is a small visit, but it would be worth … Continue reading MoMu – Antwerp’s Fashion Museum

The “Essential” This Winter

Cold days are really coming and we have to prepare mentally for them. However, cold days require also wardrobe preparation, and what is best to make these winter days look more appealing than a little fashion inspiration? 🙂 Since I arrived to London I have experienced cold in a different way. Portuguese weather is definitely … Continue reading The “Essential” This Winter