Brighton, the escape I needed to the seaside

Bank holiday weekend in England is not to be missed. We were all expecting it and unfortunately is has come to an end... next one only in August. But let's not despair, most of us still have some nice holidays before that 🙂 At least, I do! In this long weekend I mostly wanted to … Continue reading Brighton, the escape I needed to the seaside

My Cambridge (really) short story

My small trip to Cambridge is also a very short story: it rained heavily all day and most colleges were closed because Christmas carols were being recorded by BBC. So we were really, really unlucky. I couldn't even take my camera off my bag, so all the photos were taken with my iphone and, because … Continue reading My Cambridge (really) short story

Lovely, Wonderful Bath

Bath was one of those places that I really wanted to visit for while, more specifically since I've started to read Jane Austen and falling with love with her amusing portraits of society at the time. Some of her books have scenes placed in there, and Austen lived for some time in this town and, according … Continue reading Lovely, Wonderful Bath