Some Hope for your Dreams

Today I bring you a post that is not about fashion, or style, but it is about following your hints, your heart and mostly your dreams. Today I received very good news that could actually bring me new beginnings in my life. After two years of constant disappointment on a professional and even on a … Continue reading Some Hope for your Dreams

“What you want to be when you grow up” and cats stuff

Now, when I say what I really want to do with my life, they nod condescendingly and they say I have to get real. Well, this 6 year-old boy stopped all the jumping around that he was doing from the floor to the sofa, from the sofa to the floor (it was getting terribly annoying, honestly) and said "I want to be a frog". What a crazy stupid idea. A frog. Everybody laugh like if it was something wooow and amazing. I just said: "You want to be a frog? Jeez, you'll have to eat flies and other disgusting insects".