The Dream Ripper – a Tale on Depression

Once upon a time there was a Dream Ripper. It wasn't a man or a woman. He had no shape, no color, no smell. People couldn't see it; they don't even suspect of its existence. However, he used to crumble inside their heads, using its talent to distort reality and make them forget their passions, their ambitions, their … Continue reading The Dream Ripper – a Tale on Depression

“What you want to be when you grow up” and cats stuff

Now, when I say what I really want to do with my life, they nod condescendingly and they say I have to get real. Well, this 6 year-old boy stopped all the jumping around that he was doing from the floor to the sofa, from the sofa to the floor (it was getting terribly annoying, honestly) and said "I want to be a frog". What a crazy stupid idea. A frog. Everybody laugh like if it was something wooow and amazing. I just said: "You want to be a frog? Jeez, you'll have to eat flies and other disgusting insects".

Why Disneyland is the Happiest place on Earth

A few years ago I read an article written by one of my favourite Portuguese reporters that told the story of people stuck with their dreams. People who were their entire life saying they wanted to do this, wanted to go there, wanted to be that and have I don't know what... Dreams and dreams and … Continue reading Why Disneyland is the Happiest place on Earth