a personal reflexion on Christmas

It's officially a week until Christmas. Which means there are only about two weeks of 2018 left. Which is crazy. It looks it was yesterday I was welcoming 2018 coming back to London after spending Christmas at home, in Portugal. Yup. It's been a year. And cheers to another Christmas. But this year was hard. … Continue reading a personal reflexion on Christmas

When Christmas is Back – a Tale on Consumerism

In London, the Oxford St. Christmas lights were switched on in the beginning of the month, and all the other streets followed towards the holy spirit. Shop windows seduce us with little (or even BIG) Christmas tales, with beautiful adornments and gifts suggestions for everyone, but not every wallet. The time (tale?) of consumerism has … Continue reading When Christmas is Back – a Tale on Consumerism

Lovely, Wonderful Bath

Bath was one of those places that I really wanted to visit for while, more specifically since I've started to read Jane Austen and falling with love with her amusing portraits of society at the time. Some of her books have scenes placed in there, and Austen lived for some time in this town and, according … Continue reading Lovely, Wonderful Bath

What Gets In My Nerves When It Comes To Christmas

It does look a lot like Christmas right now, when we are only 3 days away from the so expected celebration. Everybody is excited. I am excited. But let's be honest: isn't there any part of you that is somehow really pissed about some things? I am a Christmas lover. I do love this season and … Continue reading What Gets In My Nerves When It Comes To Christmas

Greedy Christmas In Winter Wonderland

Discovering London is for itself an exhilarating experience. However, discovering London in December, when the magic of Christmas is spreading all over the place, is like coming back to our childhood most Christmassy dreams. Yesterday I spent my evening in Winter Wonderland, a Christmas Themed Funfair in Hyde Park.  I had a Bratwurst (German Sausage) … Continue reading Greedy Christmas In Winter Wonderland

Christmas Arrived To London II

Definitely Christmas is more magical in London. How amazing it is to have events planned to commemorate the switching on of Christmas Lights! Some may find it too much and too early. Well, I agree with “too early” when they did it for Oxford Street in the 1st November. But I love extravagance, and with … Continue reading Christmas Arrived To London II

Christmas arrived to London

  Yes, Christmas arrived to London last Sunday when Kylie Minogue press the button and switched on the Christmas lights in one of the most famous streets in the world: Oxford Street. And, of course, my inner Christmas lover couldn't miss the event. The Christmas spirit was there, with hundreds of people filling the large street, … Continue reading Christmas arrived to London