The heaviest building in the planet

The marks of communism in Bucharest aren't just in the massive ugly blocks of apartments but also in the decrepitud left behind of that was once the Little Paris of eastern Europe. I've documented this before, but left behind the biggest symbol of this era - the Palace of the Parliament, most infamous creation by … Continue reading The heaviest building in the planet

Stavropoleos Monastery in Bucharest, Romania

Walking in the old town of Bucharest, amongst the streets where nightlife happens, where people go to eat, drink, chat, to laugh and to dance, you'll find the unexpected. The Stavropoleos Monastery is home to a group of nuns who run it in the middle of the city. The name comes from the greek stavropolis, … Continue reading Stavropoleos Monastery in Bucharest, Romania

Once upon a time in Little Paris, in Bucharest Romania

Once upon a time there was a place in Europe, in a country named Romania. There was a class of wealthy inhabitants who aspired to leave, only to come back with heads full of magnificient ideas. Ideas to make that place as elegant and cosmopolitan as Paris, where they had just come from. They brought … Continue reading Once upon a time in Little Paris, in Bucharest Romania