MoMu – Antwerp’s Fashion Museum

As a fashion lover, not going to Antwerp's Fashion Museum being in Antwerp (just Belgian style capital), would be a sin. And if you do go to Antwerp and you are indecisive about where to go, I must recommend this museum. Do go. Do enjoy. It is a small visit, but it would be worth … Continue reading MoMu – Antwerp’s Fashion Museum

Belgium, 3rd Stop: Antwerp, the Stylish

Everytime I thought about Antwerp, my imagination would go wild. I imagined it as a stylish and cosmopolitan place, but at the same time keeping the essence of tradition. I imagined it beautiful and majestic. And I wasn't wrong. As soon as I got to Antwerp I knew I was in a special place: the … Continue reading Belgium, 3rd Stop: Antwerp, the Stylish