Talks about diversity & inclusion in Amsterdam

Damn grey 'Dam I haven't been doing much in my life aside from working, working and working. March has started already. It's a weird feeling. In a way, it seems like it has come so fast, in another perspective there is so much I am looking forward to that still seems so far away. And … Continue reading Talks about diversity & inclusion in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: what I did

I’ve decided to put in a different post my personal tips based on my trip to Amsterdam. As you can read in my previous post, I just adored the city and it was all I was expecting and probably a slightly bit more! However, sometimes I need to make my brain stop being so poetic … Continue reading Amsterdam: what I did

Amsterdam, live & let live

Oh Amsterdam, Amsterdam… a city I wanted to visit for so, so long, and finally did! I think the fascination with Amsterdam started when I was really young, still a child I believe. My mum used to watch this Brazilian soap opera after dinner in our living room. I was never a big fan of … Continue reading Amsterdam, live & let live