Plants by the sea

Lately, I have been paying more attention to my surroundings. Going for walks in places already familiar after being away for a long time, has given those places a different mystery. It's like I'm re-reading a book with a different age. Having lived and experienced more. You always find little details you didn't see before. … Continue reading Plants by the sea

The unbearable weight of being human

It's important to remember . When an invisible, such microscopically small thing such as a virus is able to stop the world, to put everyone in quarantine, to threaten to ruin the economy, throwing millions into misery. It's time to remember how small we actually are. How insignificant our daily worries that take so much … Continue reading The unbearable weight of being human

Dogs are the happiest creatures right now

I took these pictures only last Sunday, in a park near Hampstead Heath. I had gone for the allowed walk for exercise and was keeping my distance. It now seems it was such a long time ago. After 14 days in isolation in my room in London - where I was stuck doing literally everything, … Continue reading Dogs are the happiest creatures right now

The Birth of Spring – Part 2

It is a cruel consolation to know and see Nature going on as it should go. A consolation because at least something looks normal. While we are in lockdown at home, with our lives on hold, not being able to plan not even short term, piles of anxiety, sadness, loneliness and depression are a contrast … Continue reading The Birth of Spring – Part 2