Dogs are the happiest creatures right now

I took these pictures only last Sunday, in a park near Hampstead Heath. I had gone for the allowed walk for exercise and was keeping my distance. It now seems it was such a long time ago. After 14 days in isolation in my room in London - where I was stuck doing literally everything, … Continue reading Dogs are the happiest creatures right now

The Birth of Spring – Part 2

It is a cruel consolation to know and see Nature going on as it should go. A consolation because at least something looks normal. While we are in lockdown at home, with our lives on hold, not being able to plan not even short term, piles of anxiety, sadness, loneliness and depression are a contrast … Continue reading The Birth of Spring – Part 2

The Birth of Spring – Part I

I'm more of a Fall person, to be completely honest. But I do confess there is a certain pleasure in seeing the circle of life with my own eyes. One of the things I love about Britain is how pronounced each season is. With Spring, comes the promise of new life, a fresh start. The … Continue reading The Birth of Spring – Part I

London and my fours years living in it

I have now celebrated fours years since I moved to London and I don't know how to feel towards this anniversary. Let be completely transparent and honest. My mood isn't exactly celebratory. Lately and special this year, my state of mind swings from melancholy to complete apathy. I've found myself at times not understanding what … Continue reading London and my fours years living in it

a personal reflexion on Christmas

It's officially a week until Christmas. Which means there are only about two weeks of 2018 left. Which is crazy. It looks it was yesterday I was welcoming 2018 coming back to London after spending Christmas at home, in Portugal. Yup. It's been a year. And cheers to another Christmas. But this year was hard. … Continue reading a personal reflexion on Christmas

the snow that came when we were promised spring

Life is not fair, we all hear about this since we were born. Possibly┬áthe only real truth we've been told about life, despite said often and with levity. Europe has been assaulted by an unpredictable freezing cold wave when we had been promised the start of warm, spring echoing days. Thus my heart might be … Continue reading the snow that came when we were promised spring

The charms of faded grandeur

I can't even describe how much I was craving for a sunny Saturday or Sunday to finally be able to emerge a little bit in nature, getting my shoes dirty and take my camera close to my chest. After a couple of rough months - awful winter days, illness, kind of dealing with depression - … Continue reading The charms of faded grandeur