Les Misérables, the fight for a better tomorrow

This is a love letter to all that sacrificed something as precious as their lives in the name of ideals, principles and values. Not in the name of power, money. I am talking about the ones that truly and selflessly fought and fight for a better tomorrow. There's nothing more honorable than dying for what … Continue reading Les Misérables, the fight for a better tomorrow

Fashion is also cultural

Allowing myself to enjoy the thrills that come with Fashion Weeks is something that goes beyond a simple guilty pleasure. Fashion has been much more than that for me. A form of Art, of liberation, and most of all a form of expression that exists in every single one of us. It doesn't matter what you … Continue reading Fashion is also cultural

MoMu – Antwerp’s Fashion Museum

As a fashion lover, not going to Antwerp's Fashion Museum being in Antwerp (just Belgian style capital), would be a sin. And if you do go to Antwerp and you are indecisive about where to go, I must recommend this museum. Do go. Do enjoy. It is a small visit, but it would be worth … Continue reading MoMu – Antwerp’s Fashion Museum

Reality as our very own Illusion

Going to a Kusama's exhibition is an experience in which many are eager to participate in, and I wasn't an exception. More than experience the mirrored rooms, it also means queuing for hours to get a few seconds inside these famous rooms. I waited for one hour and half. I starved a bit because stupidly … Continue reading Reality as our very own Illusion

The World’s Most Beautiful Bookshop

It is not everyday that a bookworm like me achieves such a thing as to visit the most beautiful bookshop in the world. And where is this bookshop located? In Porto, a city in the North of Portugal. And being Portuguese myself, I was desperate for years to step into this bookshop, without having the … Continue reading The World’s Most Beautiful Bookshop

Badges, Patches & Pins For Edgy

Temperatures are coming up this week in London, and there's hardly anything better than getting some fashion inspiration. While everyone is talking about chokers - the big return of the 90's - I am kinda obsessed with making clothes a bit more fun. Generally I am quite monochromatic in the way I dress. I barely … Continue reading Badges, Patches & Pins For Edgy

A Little Trip To Disneyland

Hellooo! Hope that you all are having a nice week. Mine is being extremely busy with work and I barely have got the time to come here and share with you my inspirations, my thoughts and my passions. However, I don´t enjoy to look at an empty closet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqmjzFtsbg0 Since I got a new laptop … Continue reading A Little Trip To Disneyland