Goodbye, Summer. Hello September

Yes, goodbye. Goodbye to the hellish hot days we’ve had this year, to the draught. Let the rain fall and the crispiness of the air caress my skin. I welcome the goosebumps this year, the wetness of a rainy day and the sounds of rain are the perfect symphonies to fall asleep and wake up to. Yes, I am an Autumn kind of person.

It may be strange for someone who hasn’t been to school for years or doesn’t have any children going to school too, but September still feels and will probably always feel like a new beginning for me. I remember when I was a student and I was so excited to get my new school books, to buy new stationery, I can even remember the smell of all of it. There was this very specific smell of newly printed paper, pencils, and rubbers. I loved to get new clothes to take the school. Warmer and cosier jumpers, new jeans. New boots. There is nothing more compelling to me than shopping for a new Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I love layers. Not just of clothes, but also the layers of golden leaves though each I walk now as an adult to go to work, to the gym, to get errands done.

To me, this is the best time of the year. And my main goal is to see beyond the flames in which the world is currently burning. I know it is a cliche, but I want to find joy in the little things. I want to be more relaxed with myself. I want to stay a little longer in the cold mornings and skip the morning spin class if I feel like it. I want to enjoy a hot chocolate without thinking about calories, I want to finish work on time to enjoy the golden hour.

And this is my state of mind at the moment. So this past weekend, I really embraced the fact that I simply wanted to be on my own and relax. Let myself be lazy. Let me not be productive. So I picked up my (new) camera, also known as my new toy, and walked to West Hampstead cemetery. I wanted to see how nature was coming back to life after the rain, precisely when it was time to die.

Love, Nic


4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Summer. Hello September

  1. Im still waiting for the cool crisp air, where you can hear the leaves crackling on the breeze, cozying under a soft fuzxy blanket with a good book, pulling out the cool weather clothes that make me happy. We had cool for a few days but no longer. But like you I always wait for September/October and look to it as the start of new, something I wait all year for..

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