Beach of Baleal, Portugal – a paradise for surfers and non-surfers

Just on the opposite side of fishing town Peniche, the Beach of Baleal is sought by people of all ages and nationalities to enjoy the sun, dive and swim in the ocean that has the right type of waves for those who want to learn to surf or simply practice it. The sand here is so light that windy days become a challenge – you may get sand all over you. But when you get just the right summer day, Baleal becomes a favourite of mine.

There is just something special about this beach – so clean, so friendly. If you don’t surf, like me (I tried once, in this beach, but the experience was simply not great…), this is a place where you can tan in the sun, go for long walks alongside the sealine and admire the rock formations, find starfishes, dog watching – in the absence of parks, such places like Baleal are a playground for dogs and its owners – and also, watch the surfers. And if you are brave enough to enter the cold waters of the Atlantic ocean – like I’m proud to say I was – it is incredibly safe to swim. Obviously, always check if there is a green flag, as currents are still a thing.

Oh the Baleal. The greatest downside for the locals and other Portuguese tourists? It has become too expensive, precisly due to the international attention it gets. There are few restaurants near Baleal, and be sure you will pay premium for food that is just okay. Yet, I always say, if you are on a budget, just make some sandwiches and bring some snacks of your own for a full day at the beach.

This was a rare one of a year time family day out, so we did go to these overpriced restaurants and I did get an overpriced salad described as exotic – a feast of fruit and vegetables that I could not finish on my own.

And, of course, if you’re into surf, you can bring your own board or rent it out from the many, many places around. I just enjoyed walking around – the little town and then the beach.

This is definitely a great stop if you are travelliing outside of the obvious egions of the South (algarve), Lisbon or Porto. for anyone whi is planning to visit Portugal, and mugh have already explored themost touristic spots, I highly recommend a road trip through the coast of Central Portugal, where beautiful beaches with dramatic sights are awaiting your eyes. Check out this resource for more information.

Love, Nic

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