I went to Whitstable to eat seafood

It’s been a while since I last posted. August was one of the busiest months I’ve had at this job, and I finally got a week and a half off during which I tried my best to stay away from a computer screen. I am not going to lie, I’m so glad August is over and this terrible hot British Summer is coming to an end. I cannot describe my happiness when I landed back in London a couple of days ago to find it wet again. To see that the grass had turned green. And to finally feel that crispiness in the air announcing that Autumn is coming.

Yet, I still enjoyed some Summer fun, and the weekend before I was scheduled to start my holidays and fly to Portugal, I visited a little coastal town in Kent called Whitstable for the first time. It was like warming up my stomach for the seafood I was planning to eat in Portugal. This town is known for its top-notch seafood, specifically oysters. My friend and I headed first to the Lobster Shack to actually get some… lobster. Because to be quite honest, whilst Whitstable is a small little town… it’s exactly what it is. A small town, with little else to do.

We walked around the town, savouring the fact that was so different from busy London, but both acknowledged while such contrast was nice to be lived for a short period of time, we could not imagine moving to such a place. Looking around we could see families of locals who seemed to be the dominant crowd.

We got some oysters as well, before learning that oyster season is actually just starting now in September (all months with an “R” are oyster months, something that I’ve learned!), but they still tasted nice and fresh, and none of us felt sick afterwards! At £1.50 each, I will not complain.

The small town of Whitstable does have a castle though. It seems to be known at the moment for its beautiful tea rooms and gardens, and it serves as a venue you can hire for weddings and other events. This was never a royal setting, being primarily a private house and then serving for many years as the location for council offices.

And this was my day in late August in the coastal town of Whitstable. Overall it was a very well spent day, breathing new air and spending some time just relaxing and sitting by the sea.

Love, Nic

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