The Rose Fever at Queen Mary’s Rose Garden

I know Spring ended a couple of weeks ago, but I had planned this post, and it slipped my mind. Time has just been going by so fast. How come it’s already July? I barely felt Spring… and Summer is now here. Officially. Just before it started, I went to see the beautiful roses at Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, located in Regent’s Park. It had been a few years since I last saw all of the roses in full bloom, and I just got to see their last days before the end of June. And I really, really wanted to share its beauty with you.

These gardens are world-famous and are named after the wife of King Geroge V. This is London’s largest collection – approximately 12,000 roses planted, with 85 variety beds. It is definitely a sight for sore eyes – but you should try to visit in the first two weeks of June to enjoy the best blooms. I was definitely lucky.

It is also important to note that the rose is the national flower of England – likely you have heard of the Tudor rose, which was adopted by Henry VII as a symbol of peace at the end of the War of Roses, consisting in the civil wars between the house of Lancashire (red roses) and the house of York (white rose). The Tudor Rose combined both.

In the Gardens, you’ll find roses of all shapes and colours, so perfect you will feel the urge to take them home. I’m not a fan of the colour yellow, and even these filled me with warmth.

Perhaps I am a romantic at heart, but roses are still and will always be my favourite flower, even though after visiting Amsterdam and Keukenhof this past Spring tulips are ranking pretty high in my personal flower score.

IF you ever are in London around June, remember to visit Queen Mary’s Rose Garden – a beautiful attraction, open to everyone – yes, it is free 🙂

Love, Nic


4 thoughts on “The Rose Fever at Queen Mary’s Rose Garden

  1. The beauty and smell of roses is a sight and experience to behold. The swirling petals, long stems, and oval leaflet extend to roses a mystic charm that is hard to find in any other flower.

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  2. I’m so happy you shared this beautiful post! I love roses (and I’m always amazed to see how many different colours there are). It’s so lovely, it warms up even a cold winters day (like we’re experiencing currently here in SA) 😉.

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