NYC Impressions: a portrait of Coney Island, Brooklyn

I woke up to a sunny morning and what was going to be another hot day. So I put on a summer dress and my sneakers. Made sure my water bottle was properly refilled. And set off without a jacket to the street. I had no idea that once I reached Coney Island, the sunlight would be nowhere to be seen. It was foggy and cold. And when I got inside a Starbucks to have some hot tea, I remembered how every single store, cafe, and restaurant had their AC on full blast – making it impossible to find a cosy and warmer refuge. Going back to the hotel to change clothes was not an option – it takes a little over an hour to get from Midtown Manhattan to Coney Island, Brooklyn.

The very sad skies that met me in Coney Island

So I did the only thing I could do. I went to a souvenir shop and bought a sweater with big letters on the front saying BROOKLYN. I felt a lot more comfortable afterwards, but I’m not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed the sun was not coming out. I kept checking the weather app, which promised sun, but the skies just wouldn’t open up for it. In my mind, I was going to photograph the ocean with the sun, I was going to walk on the beach, and then I was going to explore Luna Park. In the sun. But that of course did not happen. And it is okay. Weather is one of the things you definitely cannot control when you travel. And Coney Island was destined to stay grey that day.

Thankfully, this place has enough colour to brighten up any day – the wall art, the attractions, the general decoration. There was colour everywhere.

After my experience with diners, Coney Island is probably my second most American experience on this trip. A beach and entertainment resort that again brings upon me nostalgia for something I never had. It makes me think of the American movies and shows, either romantic comedies where the dates happen on the giant wheels, the horror movie when someone gets stuck in a mirror maze, or a mystery when the kid gets lost, and the parents are desperately looking for them. In all honestly, to me, parks such as these are perfect for the scariest movies. The exaggerated smiles of clowns, the blinking lights, the hidden corners, the haunted houses that are a mystery to anyone who hasn’t experienced them. There is just something creepy about it… or maybe it’s just me? Honestly, this is the reason I like them so much. I think these are places where you are forced to be happy, and there is something twisted in it.

For free you can enter Luna Park and really have a ride towards such memories – for an actual ride, you will have to pay. I didn’t do such a thing – I really just wanted to explore the place and get some junk food.

This was the place of the first rollercoaster in 1884 – called the Gravity Switchback Railway. While this does not exist anymore, you can ride the famous Cyclone, a wooden rollercoaster founded in 1927. But you can also experience a lot more – from very old-school classic games to other rides for those who do not identify as strongly h trhill seekers.

The old-school decor was definitely what atracted me the most. It really looks like you’ve travelled in time. And the wall art is simply beautiful, very justly fitting into the joyful atmosphere of the park.

And never leave such a place without having had some propers junk food – my fries and onion rings were incredibly greasy, but if you fancy a hot dog, it seems that Nathan’s is the place to go.

And this is all for today – hope you like these photos, despite the lack of sunlight 🙂

Love, Nic


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