Visiting the Rijksmuseum & Moco Museums in Amsterdam

There are plenty of museums to visit in Amsterdam – but unless you have an unlimited budget and time, it’s hard to see them all (or at least the ones you’re interested in) in one go. I’ve always been attracted to museums – mostly related to Art and History – yet, a museum visit can be exhausting, especially if it extends to a large area and multiple floors. I’d rather keep the number of museums I visit down than try to cover them all just to be tired and not really in the mood anymore to admire the exhibitions.

On my first visit to Amsterdam, my friends and I at the time decided to go to Anne Frank’s House and the Van Gogh museum. So on the latter visit, I did to Amsterdam over the Easter break, I visited the famous Rijksmuseum and, last minute, added Moco to the list.

When I was a kid, I made my parents buy me a collection of books that were dedicated to the greatest art galleries in the world and I remember thinking to myself at the time that I was going to put my feet on all of them one day. Rijksmuseum was definitely one of them. I’ve proud to say I’ve visited some others from the collection – The National Gallery in London (multiple visits), The Louvre and Orsay in Paris, Prado in Madrid, Galleria de Accademia in Venice, the Uffizzi in Florence.

I don’t usually take photos of artwork, I like to take my time appreciating the works around me, and will take the occasional snap if I see something really unique I want to remember or if the gallery is simply beautiful and I have to capture it. This time I took a bit more pictures than usual, and this is why I’ve decided to put them here.


Mostly known for having a vast collection of Rembrandt’s and Vermeer’s work, focusing on Dutch art. I definitely think it’s a must-visit for anyone interested, but I must say the building is more beautiful outside than inside! – except for a great library that made my eyes turn into little hearts like an anime character. On one of the floors, you’ll also see an exquisite collection of Delft pottery.

Moco Museum

This is an independent museum focused on modern, contemporary and street art. t is definitely a good alternative to the Rijksmuseum if you’re not into the old masters, and really just want to see some fantastic works that are often fun and a sarcastic commentary of our society. It is also great for Instagrammers looking to get the perfect artsy pic. Works from Banksy, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, and Kusama…in addition, you also get to experience the immersive digital art installations teamLab are renown for.



5 thoughts on “Visiting the Rijksmuseum & Moco Museums in Amsterdam

  1. Two vital museums when in Amsterdam. I totally agree about not overdoing it in museums, it’s all about pacing yourself I think. In fact, we rarely do more than one a day. Because we tend to explore at length, we usually need a change of tone and fresh air after a long museum visit. Great piece, Nic.

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