Doing Amsterdam in Spring

I’m a Fall person. Yet, after long months of cold short days, when it’s dark just after lunch, when you need to put on multiple layers of clothing just to step outside for a 5 minutes walk to the supermarket, the soul starts to beg for a break. When the clocks change in March, and the day seems to get longer by the minute, when you finish work at 5:30pm and it seems there is still another day to live before bed, we rejoice.

The sun is a guest that stays for a bit longer and doesn’t hurry back home for some time. And the trees that have been naked for so long, start to finally flourish in their different green tonalities. Another circle of life – birds happily chirping early in the morning, the buzzing of little insects and bees getting the nectar for their beehives. It’s mating season, and I occasionally hear a catfight. And I can finally wear a light jacket, no scarf or hats needed. It’s the season of rebirth.

And while I die of love for the autumnal colours of Fall, I must say that the bright colours of Spring also push some heartstrings. How could they not? Sometimes, after a tough day, a tough week, I look at the flowers blooming, the trees getting dressed, the sun in the blue sky, only punctuated with some white fluffy clouds, and I think to myself how wonderful. All of our “problems” suddenly are so insignificant, but how privileged are we to live on this planet.

And of course, how privileged am I to be able to go to Amsterdam once again and tick off a very important thing from my bucket list – see the Dutch tulips in full bloom. Now, for a serious tulip fix, you’ve got to check out my post on Keukenhof Gardens. Yet, visiting Amsterdam this time of the year is also a great way to experience Spring – there are tulips all around the city, and they are gorgeous and…it’s free!

So here are the four things you should absolutely do in Amsterdam to enjoy the Spring.

1 – Walk!

If you can, walk. That is one of my rules when I travel. Of course, sometimes you do need to take public transport – either because the distance is way too much, there is nothing interesting on the way, or you simply need to save time. But Amsterdam is a very walkable city, you just need to be aware of the cyclists! There isn’t a better way to feel part of the pulse of a city. And if the walk is pleasant, even better. In Amsterdam, if you take the metro or the tram, you will miss out on the tulips planted all around town.

My first morning didn’t look much like Spring, but look at these tulips in front of the Rijksmuseum.

2 – Take a moment to catch a breath in Vondelpark

Vondelpark is the Hyde Park of Amsterdam. A huge green space where you can enjoy some sunshine, giggle at the ducks, and simply slow down. I like watching people walking their dogs too.

3 – There isn’t a better time to visit the Bloemenmarkt

The floating flower market dating from 1862, is where you can find blooms from tulips to geraniums, and take some bulbs home with you. You can also buy other souvenirs, such as magnets or wooden tulips.

4 – Get yourself some frites – you need them after so much walking!

And of course, all of these activities aren’t unique to Amsterdam. Look outside and really see. We are usually so busy looking at our own problems. Outside, Nature keeps going, again and again, performing its miracles. Let’s try not to miss out.




9 thoughts on “Doing Amsterdam in Spring

  1. Lovely tips. The entire Western continent is inaccessible to me at the moment (not just geographically, but financially as well, lol) so living vicariously through these pics seem like a good tradeoff. And I shall keep your tips in mind for when I finally do find the time to travel there. Thanks for this post!

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    1. Thanks for the kind comment Stuart! Hopefully things will change for the better, and you’ll be able to enjoy some leisurable walks on this side of the world soon ☺️


    1. It’s a completely different experience. I was in Amsterdam in two other occasions – end of September and another time in the middle of February. The city can be quite grey in winter as I’m sure you’re aware, but Spring puts winter to shame 🙂

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    1. Oh noo haha I feel tulips are very special flowers, definitely need the perfect conditions to bloom. I did get some tulip bulbs as well for my mum, so let’s see if anything comes out of it 😊


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