Quick shots of a quick weekend in Dublin

It’s been ages since I’ve posted, and I didn’t even realise it had been so long. Life got busy, I suppose, and this little corner of the Internet got a bit neglected. But here I am! I went to Dublin just before St. Patrick’s, the great Irish celebration. The main goal was to visit a couple of friends and since I had been in Dublin before for touristic and work reasons, I didn’t really have a plan besides going for drinks, and dinner, and then drinks again with my friends. Flying to Dublin from London is the easiest thing – I went on a Saturday morning ad came back Sunday evening.

One of my highlights was definitely the hotel I stayed in. I got a very good deal in The Fleet hotel, a beautiful place located in the heart of the city. Below are just a couple pictures of the reception area.

On my first day in Dublin, it rained quite a bit, and the sudden and unexpected winds almost broke my small and humble, umbrella. So that afternoon, I simply went to have a quick lunch and relaxed and read a book in my hotel room – if you’re looking for something different to read, I quite recommend Earthlings by Sayaka Murata, that was the book I read in one go that afternoon!

The next day I did one of my favourite activities whenever I am in a new city – a walking tour. And thankfully, the weather had changed completely, as it often happens in Dublin, and the sky opened up to show us some rays of sunshine. I didn’t take many photos of the city, just of some Art I found interesting around the centre.

Personally, Dublin would always be the place I go to but don’t stay long. I would love to explore other parts of Ireland at some point – it’s so rich in history and culture, and would love to explore some of its natural landscaping as well. When I went to Howth on my first time in Dublin, it felt a bit like home. The smell of the wild Atlantic oceans, the strong winds, the sharp and majestic cliffs.

I think there is definitely something in Ireland that reminds me a bit of Portugal. In a recent conversation with my Irish peers, we came to the conclusion that some of our roots are similar – we were at some point oppressed countries, very close to the ocean, very catholic in their roots. And ironically, just recently as well one of my Portuguese friends was telling me how the Irish always seem to get along well with the Portuguese, with so many ending up getting married. I find it extremely interesting – Ireland and Portugal are so different, the weather, the language, the culture. And yet there is something deep that we share, and that something is enough to make us recognise in each other something in ourselves.

Love, Nic

2 thoughts on “Quick shots of a quick weekend in Dublin

  1. Hey, Nic, what a lovely hotel you stayed in. Funnily enough, the same unfortunate thing happened to our humble little umbrella in London, though I don’t think there’s an umbrella out there that could have withstood those incredible blasts. Dublin is still there on my wishlist. The graffiti is glorious. Hope you are doing well.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Leighton – London has been with some strange moods lately too! I’ve been busy, but well ☺️ Hopefully you’ll be able to tick Dublin off the wishlist soon enough! Hope you’ve been doing well too!

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