It’s International Women’s Day and I am mad

I continue to be a mad woman in all senses of the word mad. You may call me angry, you may call me crazy, hysterical. I do not care.

Today I am mad because instead of seeing white women admitting to benefitting from white privilege, I see them falling victims of white fragility, excluding themselves from a narrative they have the power to change.

Today I am mad because I see women in positions where they could support other women and yet they do not open the doors for their fellow female colleagues and instead fester toxicity instead of allyship.

Today I am mad because I see this day being used by brands to promote their own capitalistic agenda, that feeds off women’s insecurities.

Today I am mad because I see the hypocrisy of males who say to be feminists and allies but not action anything they can do to open the doors em empower their female counterparts.

Today I am mad because there are men complaining it is now easier to be a woman. Clearly, they have no fucking clue, excuse me the language.

Today I am mad because I’m still a victim of bias because of being a woman.

I will continue to contribute the best I can to change this world, but we must do it together. No matter who you are, where you’re from.

Every woman, from every colour, religion, sexual orientation… deserves respect.

That’s all I have for today.

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