Food appreciation post – Venice, Italy

Who doesn’t enjoy food in Italy? Not to do so it’s almost a crime. Going to Italy means eating great food, no matter how unhealthy it may seem. So in this post, I want to share the delicacies I have tried in Venice!

My absolute favourite thing that I could not stop myself from getting every time I had a chance was the Frittelle Alla Veneziana, a traditional Carnaval dessert – a doughnut fried ball, covered in sugar with or without raisins. I loved it way too much, especially when still warm. My first experience was in the old Pasticceria Rizzardini, where I went in for an espresso and to try one of these so good looking delicacies. I was addicted and had at least two every day in Venice.

Of course, pasta was on the menu in Venice and I had this amazing seafood spaghetti, very common in every restaurant in the city:

Cicchetti is also very common in Venice. It is a snack, almost like small sandwiches, typically served with salmon, cod, meats and vegetables. These go really nicely with an Aperol Spritz!

I also had to try these delicious pastries, called Cannolis – I tried the pistachio and it was also great with coffee.

For my last meal in Venice, I indulged in some pizza and almond pie for dessert. And of course, both were amazing and kept me well-fed for the flight back to London and reality!

Hope you enjoyed this food appreciation post… food is a reason to travel as good as any other!

Love, Nic

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