Venice, La Serenissima, more Serene than ever – the streets

2022 came around and I was not going to be stopped again from getting myself back into my travel habits. January was a grey sad month, as usual, it is, but this time around some good news started to appear. A lot of travel impediments were being scraped off. Which meant this woman here was ready to use its winged bones and get back out there. Starting slow, I used my ever companion Skyscanner to find cheap flights for the first weekend of February. Venice appeared. I had never been to Venice, scared away by the promise of unbelievable crowds. So, this was exactly where I should go. No matter the cold and humid weather of February in this part of Italy, no matter the compulsory use of masks everywhere and the requirement for a Super Green Pass (covid vaccination within 6 months of validity). It’s cold, I will wear more clothes. I need masks, I’ll pack them. And vaccination? No problem at all, all done here.

I went to find Venice empty – or pretty empty. I suppose the pandemic brought me the benefit of enjoying small old cities such as Venice and Dubrovnik as if tourism never became democratised. And I fully took advantage of that. Myself and my camera, of course.

Venice, known as La Serenissima has for a long time not been this serene. We all heard about the hordes of tourists, for the dismal of its citizens. I found a city content, existing, and not making a single attempt to please the eye of the tourist beyond what it has to offer. And it has a lot. Venice is something else. I was only in Venice for 2 full days and another half. It felt I was there for so much longer. Not because I was bored, but time seemed to have stopped. I had been transported to what was indeed a different reality. I adored Venice. And this post it’s dedicated to its streets. Photo documentation of its eeriness, a testimonial to its past. A charm that only comes from the golden ages and no modern city could even aspire to.

In this post, I want to invite you to forget about the canals that make the city so famous. this is about the brick on the buildings, the stones on the floor. It’s about me walking and walking for hours, discovering that Venice was so much more than water, gondolas, San Marco or the Carnival. This is Venice as I also saw it. I wanted to look inwards. I wanted to let the claustrophobia get into me. Sometimes it was hard to breathe. You must get lost in Venice. Like I did. And these photos are the result of that.

I tried to capture the decrepit buildings, showing it’s brick insides. The old walls, stained with humidy, but still conserving the colour of layers of paint from who knows how many years. I was also trying to capture the little remannts of living I could see – clothes hanged to dry, the sort of forgotten Christmas lights in the streets, the occasional domestic cat peaking through the windown.

Hope you enjoyed my first post on Venice!

Love, Nic

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