Erasmus Memories: visiting Segovia, Spain (2012)

My Erasmus adventure recollection continues.

At the Universidad Complutense de Madrid there was an Erasmus association that would organise trips at very good prices for Erasmus students throughout Spain. Of course that often required long bus trips, nights badly slept in pretty strange hostels and surviving nights of partying (when you’re not a partying person, the peer pressure when you’re in Erasmus is simply insane as everyone expects you to be a party person)… but these trips were affordable to me and I had the same hunger I have today – the hunger for travelling and exploring and discovered and simply emerge myself of that experience.

The trip I mentioned in my previous post to Toledo was self-organised. I went with a friend. Segovia was also a day trip – not being very far from Madrid – but we went with fellow Erasmus students. This was my first trip with the Erasmus Student Organisation.

Located in the north of Madrid, Segovia is a World Heritage City, very well known for its huge and incredibly well preserved Roman Aqueduct. It was hard to capture in a photo the greatness of this monument, but I did my best.

Looking back I remember a lot more of the city that seemed I did not capture with my camera. The tiny, medieval stresses, with a strong Muslim influence. The Jewish Quarter. And most importantly a lot more of Segovia’s Castle and Cathedral. I suppose this comes down to the fact I was travelling with a group of people, most of them I had just met and would be my Erasmus companions for a lot more I was going to do in the next couple of months. So please excuse me for the poor representation of the city.

It’s even sadder I am not able to recollect what I was indeed photographing. I know the tower in the first picture is part of the Alcazar of Segovia, the other pictures are views from different parts of the city.

And finally, I had to do a lot of research to remember where the hell were the below photos taken. I couldn’t see this being taken in Segovia itself, and finally, after some intense online research, I remembered we stopped at the Royal Palace of La Granja of San Ildefonso. This is just located in a little town outside of Segovia, also simply known as La Granja. It was the royal residence of some kings of Spain and it is worth a visit indeed, as its gardens are an absolute sight for sore eyes. Imagine having all of that for yourself!

It’s unbelievable it’s been almost 10 years since this time, but it’s been so fun for me to go through these old photos and get me to recall all of these places and their beauty.

Love, Nic

3 thoughts on “Erasmus Memories: visiting Segovia, Spain (2012)

    1. They definitely knew what they were doing at the time… it’s incredibly how so many modern infrastructures wear out so easily, and yet these remain standing for centuries!

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