Erasmus Memories: the exploration begins

When I got to the city I was going to call home for six months, and after sorting out my housing situation, I felt for the first time the world was my oyster. I was really on a very tight budget, and I still had a week until classes started. Thankfully walking is free, and when it was as hot as it was when I got there (I have this image in my head of one of those pharmacy thermometers marking 38 degrees Celsius), the best solution was to explore the lung of Madrid – El Parque Del Retiro.

It was a 30 minutes walk from where I was living at the moment, and it is just wonderful. As one of the first “real” city parks I had seen in my life, I was simply in awe. The park was so beautiful – big lakes, majestic sculptures, the Crystal Palace, the ducks and the birds, the leaves turning into red, slowly, as we walked into Autumn, and also a rose garden, exactly as I liked it. And to be quite frank this was also the place I started to really practice my photography skills. At the time I was using a small digital camera that was my dad’s, but it was more than enough. My smartphone was absolute basic, and I couldn’t even take any proper photos with it. I can’t even recall the brand but I’m pretty sure they don’t do mobile phones anymore.

These photos reflect the very impressionable 20 year old me, and it’s really nice to see what I saw through the lens of the camera almost ten years later.

Oh I do miss these times!

Love, Nic

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