10/10 – 10 Days Blogmas – Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve is here and with it the end of my 10 days Blogmas! If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful time, if not, I still hope you do. Tonight, a feast awaits me and here is the desserts table… looks good, right?

We have some more biscuits baking in the oven… let’s see how those will turn out! Can’t believe Christmas is almost over! It makes me a bit sad, but for now, I will try to seize the moment and enjoy tonight. Tomorrow will be leftovers day 😉

Have a wonderful time, wherever you are in the world. I wish everyone could have a full table, a house, the warmth of a fireplace as I do in winter, the luxury of air conditioning if you’re in the South Hemisphere. Yet, these are just things I can wish for but as I grow older I get more and more aware of my own privilege, and I feel it wouldn’t be right not to mention that while I’m here, potentially eating too much, gifting too much… others are left with nothing. Not a fair world, this one we live on.

Love, Nic


6 thoughts on “10/10 – 10 Days Blogmas – Merry Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas 🎄. Looking at your desserts table, it could only be a feast. We don’t have that aircon (and it is such a hot and sunny Christmas Day here in South Africa), but we are grateful to be healthy and to be together … and thinking of those that are not so privileged.

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