3/10 – 10 Days Blogmas – a few shots of Christmassy London

As I mentioned in my first Blogmas post, London knows how to do Christmas. This year I was hoping I could capture a lot more of that, but having in mind the current pandemic situation and the fact that I do want to go home for Christmas, I made an effort to avoid any crowded places (which is everywhere in London, especially at this time of the year). Still, I did get a few shots of some pretty nice Christmas lights in London, and I’m here to share them with you.

Enjoying a mice pie by the Tower Bridge

London does Christmas so well that even its monuments are elegantly decorated. I wrote about a visit to the Tower of London here, but these are some of my favourite Christmas shots from inside.

On that same day, I decided to cross the Tower Bridge and walk by the Southbank riverside.

View of the City Council and the Tower Bridge.

There I noticed a Christmas market, at the time not crowded at all – it was a cold Friday afternoon.

The Hay’s Gallery, a small shopping centre just located next to the City Council, was beautifully decorated as well. These Christmas Trees are simply wonderful.

Oxford Street lights are little twinkle stars this year. Couldn’t take a better photo – it was crowded here, cold and rainy that day.

And finally, the beautiful ice skating rink at the Natural History Museum – I happened to stop by after going to an exhibition in one oy favourite museums, the V&A.

That’s all for today! Have a lovely weekend.



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