1/10 – 10 Days Blogmas- My first Christmas in London

I love Christmas, always did and, I hope, always will. I love the decorations, the lights, the music. The cheesy movies, the tacky jumpers. The fireplace keeps the room warm. The smell of delicious food, the desserts that you feel you’re allowed to repeat because it’s Christmas after all, and calories don’t count this time of the year. I love, more than anything, the anticipation. Even more than the actual Christmas Day.

From the 1st to the 24th of December, the festive joy is contagious. And this year, being back in London, I had to be careful. I couldn’t be in crowds afraid of getting that thing everyone keeps talking about. Because if I do, it means I don’t get to go home. I’m glad to say that 2021 is having a happy ending for me. A lot of things changed this year – in my life, and in myself. But I’m not here to reflect upon 2021. That will come later. I’m here to share the cheer of anticipation with the Internet, the blogosphere, whoever is reading this. I’m doing a ten-day countdown until Christmas Eve. And today is my first Christmas post.

London knows how to do Christmas, it simply does. I moved to London in October of 2015, and it was the first time I was spending Christmas away from my family. The first and only time so far. That didn’t bother me much at the time. I was in awe with everything around me, and I was still barely believing I was actually working and living in this city. I had no idea of what the future held for me, my bank account had a dangerously low balance as I was still interning at the time. Even buying a coffee seemed like a luxury. But looking back to those times, this didn’t seem to bother me. It was Christmas and I was in London. A city that knew how to make this season THE season to be joyful.

So I went back to my blog archives from 2015 to find out what 23 year old me was writing about on this blog – and honestly, it was crap. At the time, I had no idea what kind of content I wanted to write about – I simply wanted to write about something – but fashion seemed like the easiest choice, even though I could never afford to buy that many clothes, as fashion bloggers at the time were doing. Travelling… that was the dream. But at the time, only a dream. I was far from imagining that I would be able to afford travelling in the following six years (interrupted recently by you know what). Still, I went back to the photos I took of London at the time to try to recreate that feeling of the start of something new and exciting that Christmas brought me that year.

I remember being amazed at Liberty’s Christmas shop. Firstly I marvelled at the beauty of the decorations. Then I choked when I looked at the price tags. Still, looking is free.

I remember walking to the Sommerset House and seeing the beautiful ice skating ring, knowing I would never be able to skate in ice (or any other surface for that matter).

Oh and my first visit to the famous Winter Wonderland. At the time, the entrance was free, it was always crowded, cold (since located in the heart of Hyde Park) and everything inside was incredibly pricey. Yet, it just seemed like a place you had to go to when it was Christmas, almost like a ritual. Of course, that changed from last year. This year the Winter Wonderland requires a paid ticket, and I really didn’t bother to go – again, avoiding those crowded places.

It was nice to look back at this, and think how impressed I was with all of this and how it just seems normal to me now. While I still adore walking on these streets during this time of the year, I don’t get this easily impressed anymore. How fast we get used to things, it’s incredible don’t you think? Well, folks. This is all for today.

There will be more tomorrow 🙂

Love, Nic

6 thoughts on “1/10 – 10 Days Blogmas- My first Christmas in London

  1. Such beautiful photos, Nic 🙂 While I am not veritably obsessed with the holiday, I still love baking gingerbread cookies, drinking hot chocolate from my Christmas mug and singing festive songs. And above all, I love visiting different cities and towns during the festive seasons to see Christmas decorations and glittering lights. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva

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    1. Oh yes, visiting new towns and their own versions of Christmas markets is something I want to do more when we have more control over lives 🙂 Thanks for reading Aiva, a good day to you!

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  2. A lovely post🙂 December always brings fond memories of my childhood. Although it’s so busy, remains a great month to do so many wonderful things. Merry Christmas to you and your dear ones🙂

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