Chelsea, London, had Spring before Autumn

This post is incredibly delayed on my part. Pardon me, I’m still getting used to coming back to my “normal” life, and starting off a new job. I’ve been writing about London, where I came back to after been passing my “pandemic time” in Portugal, my home country. In the midst of the change, I had the chance to revisit Notting Hill, walk along the Regent’s Canal and visit Kew Gardens.

But apart from the cool neighbourhoods, in London, you simply shouldn’t be bored, because there is always something happening. Every year, there is the Chelsea’s Flower Show, held in one of the fanciest areas of London. For an entire week, you can see amazing works of art built of flowers, and shops, hotels, restaurants, will follow the trend, almost in a competition to try to make their flower decoration more spectacular than their neighbour’s. Unfortunately, I missed the festival by one day, but thankfully not all decorations were immediately put down, and I was still able to admire the work that is put into something that could be considered so superfluous like a flower show. Indeed, spending probably hundreds of pounds on the decoration of your local business is not something all business owners could afford. Yet, I’m sure it was good for business, as Instagrammers posted their pictures posing in this sort of artificial enchanted land created for the pure goal of…well, marketing.

Even though in most of these photos the flowers were already dying, I think you can still appreciate the beauty of it and the effort. My eyes were for sure delighted with the few installations we were able to see. These photos don’t make it any justice, but hopefully you’ll be able to appreciate how lovely the show actually is.

A tunnel made of plants and flowers
Bee Scrulpture

Beautiful, isn’t it?



5 thoughts on “Chelsea, London, had Spring before Autumn

  1. What a wonderful and vibrant display of flowers – it must have been an amazing experience to see it all in person! I would be completely dazzled by colourful flowers, innovative garden designs and amazing exhibits at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. Thanks for sharing, and have a nice weekend 🙂 Aiva xx


  2. Indeed beautiful! I’ve heard of the Chelsea Flower Show so many times before and always thought it must be wonderful to see this! By just looking at the photo of THAT tunnel, I can understand that it must be an amazing sight! And it’s difficult to see that some of the flowers were dying, because it still look so pretty!

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