Would you like to live in a boat in Central London?

Before the maximum temperatures dropped almost ten degrees Celsius in the span of a week, and the sunshine was still shining before the official start of Autumn, on one of my strolls I got to capture what many don’t know about London – apart from the big river Thames, there is a canal, the Regent’s Canal, across north-central London – and, moreover, there are boats where people live.

This may sound shocking to you (as it was to me), as in Winter I cannot imagine living in a boat in London would be something… comfortable. However, considering the housing prices in the city, I can understand why some people would choose this route, especially if they are the kind of admirable people who are more than happy living with the basic comforts that will allow any place to be made a home for them. Whether the reasons to drive people to the boats are economical or lifestyle-based, the truth is that the number of people choosing to live in a boat in London seems to have increased immensely in the last few years, as you’ll be able to read in this article by the Financial Times, with the Canal River Trust and the Inland Waterways Association predicting a rise in registered houseboats by 35% to 52% by next year.

If you have a chance on any good day, you can walk by the canal, starting in the area that is called Little Venice, and finishing in Camden Town, or even the other way around. It is a good opportunity to not only admire the great views over the canal but also to “peek” into the lives of Londoners who have decided to live in the waters of the canal. Some of them, are really original in the way they have decided to decorate their houseboat.

However, not wanting to be inconvenient, I was careful not to disturb the boat residents and distanced myself to photograph the canal itself.

What do you think? Would you live in a houseboat in central London? Let me know your thoughts! I think I would still rather live in a beautiful pastel house with a pink door in Notting Hill 🙂

Love, Nic

6 thoughts on “Would you like to live in a boat in Central London?

  1. Ahhh… the lure of life on a London boat! It’s easy to romanticize the idea of living on a boat full-time; however, it’s an alternative lifestyle like that takes preparation, organization and an ability to roll with changes. I think I would still rather live in a wonderful pastel house with a pink door in Notting Hill, too 🙂 Aiva xx

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  2. Very interesting post Nic! Didn’t know that it was “a thing” for people to live on a boat on the canals in London 👀. It certainly looks idilic, but I’m not sure how comfortable it would be … maybe I won’t mind to live like that (for a month), but I’m with you on the pastel house in Notting Hill 😁.

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