The Botanical Gardens of Zagreb – a Gallery

It’s no longer Spring but beware for a very flowery and bloomy post. Despite the high temperatures in the city of Zagreb, I was still able to capture beautiful flowers of every shape and colour. Visiting the Botanical Gardens wasn’t exactly on my plan. But after walking all day in the city, the idea of simply being around nature was appealing. A regular ticket will only cost you 10 kunas (about £1.15) and it is indeed worth it. It’s a gorgeous and well-taken care park, filled with plants and trees from every corner of the world.

The Garden was created for the Department of Botanics and Physiology of the Faculty of Philosophy, and its planning started in 1890. A curious fact, the Faculty was already in existence for 220 years, even though Zagreb at the time was relatively small with only 38,000 inhabitants!

I tried to capture different textures, colours and shapes of the beautiful species of flora in the park. Please, enjoy!

Love, Nic

7 thoughts on “The Botanical Gardens of Zagreb – a Gallery

    1. From what I could gather the beautiful red house is typically used for exhibitions. The name of it is really Red Pavillion. Unfortunately it was closed at the time. They do have greenhouses for indoor plants, but unfortunately those were closed as well.

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  1. Calming, relaxing, full of greenery and beautiful plants, Botanical Gardens are always worth a visit. One of the places that I would love to see one day is Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in Chonburi, Thailand. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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