Views from Dubrovnik City Walls

If you haven’t noticed already from my previous posts, I fell in love with Croatia and I’ve developed a serious crush on Dubrovnik. The city is one of those places that is beautiful from the inside out. You need to allow yourself to get lost in its narrow streets, but you also cannot miss the chance of scrolling through the 2 km of the famous Walls of Dubrovnik. This is probably the main attraction and, believe me, it is so definitely worth it. The views are just wonderful. And, I was soooo lucky to have been able to visit now, when there were no queues for entry and, most importantly, when I was often finding myself alone in the walls, not able to see a single human being behind me or in front of me.

It is a bit expensive – the ticket is 200 Croatian Kunas (about €27 or £23). It used to be cheaper pre-pandemic, but well… you can’t have everything. One thing they did not tell me was that this also included the visit to Fort Lovrijenac which you can see from the Walls – I will explain my story with this in another post. But, for now, I just hope my photos will satisfy some of your wanderlust for Dubrovnik.

You can also chose to enter from the west or the east side of the walls. I chose the West entrance for convenience but, actually, going from the east may be easier, as the hardest part of the walk is there – more steps to climb. So at least, if you enter from the East side, the harder part will be over in the beginning.

View to the Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik. It was still early, so not many people around.
At some point your eyes will be full of orange from the terracotta roofs. But, if you turn to the other side all you’ll see is the blue of the Adriatic.
Here you can see Fort Lovrijenac. Funny fact: the Venetians wanted to build a fort here, but the Republic of Dubrovnik built it quite fast, so when the Venetians arrived there was nothing else for them. How majestic it looks, against the blue background. This fort is located outside of the Walls and the walls are actually thinner in comparison to the Walls of the Old Town. Guess why? In the event the fortress was to be taken by enemy hands, it would be easier for the Dubrovnik soldiers to destroy it from the walls where I was standing when taking this picture. Very clever!
Most definitely you’ll be thirsty during your walk. Take a lot of water with you. It was hot, even though it was barely 9am when I started the walk. They know this – so you’ll find a couple of bars like the one you can see here, tempting you to sit, and enjoy an overpriced drink while looking out to the beautiful sights. Well… guilty. I had water, but of course, I had to drink a natural orange juice that probably cost me 5 euros… but I was on holiday after all, and it tasted like heaven.
The delicious orange juice. You can see Lokrum island in the background, another must visit in Dubrovnik (for another post!)

Even though Dubrovnik holds these amazingly thick walls and majestic forts, making the city almost impenetrable, did you know that the city was never actually under attack, not until the Yugoslavian War in 1991? The Dubrovnik Republic used Diplomacy to keep good relations with all the other States, but I thought it was funny when I learned they would rather build a strong fort than invest in huge cathedrals, which is precisely what any other states in catholic countries were doing at the time… spending all the money in huge Cathedrals, to see which city would have the biggest, the most eccentric place to pray to a God that actually defends humbleness…

View to the Old Port – this is where you take the ferry to visit Lokrum Island.

These are some of my favourite shots of my stay in Croatia. If you want to see more, keep an eye on this space 🙂

Love, Nic

7 thoughts on “Views from Dubrovnik City Walls

  1. Breathtaking beautiful! Thank you for sharing all your stunning pictures – the view of the terracotta tiles and that of the blue-blue Adriatic Sea are equally amazing … but I do like that image of your (over priced) orange juice the most 😊.

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