Zagreb – shots from above

Just recently I wrote about lookouts. How often I would like to be able to climb to someplace high up and be able to see my life so far from above. With everything in life, there are indeed so many perspectives and angles from which you can look through things and interpret them in a completely different light.

When I visit any place, I try to get a shot from any perspective I can – from the lower ground, from a river, from a promenade, from a mountain, from the sea, from the plane. Of course, not all of these are possible at the same time. But you always find the city looking different. And every single angle has its own specialness to it.

The main lookout area of Zagreb is the Strossmayer Promenade and all of the below shots were from there.

My favourite is down below. I took the same shot of the view to the Cathedral at different times of the day.

What do you think? Isn’t it beautiful? 😀

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Love, Nic

4 thoughts on “Zagreb – shots from above

  1. What can be better than exploring European cities and getting lost amidst its narrow cobblestone streets, captivating buildings and historical surroundings? Thanks for sharing and have a goo day 🙂 Aiva xxx

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