The Street Art of Zagreb, Croatia

If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know that I really enjoy street art (well Art in general realy). You can find posts on the street art of my hometown here and here!

Well, when researching about Zagreb I found out this is a city with walls also full of art and I decided to go on a little hunt to spot the masterpieces out there. Some I found by accident, others I had seen the coordinates online. Grafitti seems to be part of the culture for a long time. In a way, parts of Zagreb reminded me of Lisbon – walls, doors, street signs, randomly graffitied with signatures or random sentences or words. I don’t like this. It seems like vandalism to me. Makes any place look dirty.

Some of the artworks below are an attempt to make graffiti better. Others are works of art. But from my perspective, all of them depict the quirky and humorous spirit of the capital of Croatia.

One of my favourites. Artists Boris Bare and Dominik Vukovć painted this Gulliver model. In Park Opatovina
Bare & Modul – Fakin, painted for the Medvedgrad brewery. in the street UIvana Tkalčića
In Park Opatovina
In the street UIvana Tkalčića
In Park Opatovina
a very small one that I thought was really cute. Located in the promenade of the city
Here’s a good example that combines vandalism and art.
Couldn’t get The Dirigible. Located in he promenade.very close to this one
And finally, just by the entrance of the market, there is this great depiction of traditional Croatian musicians.

Hope you enjoyed this little gallery and this spikes up your interest in visiting Zagreb! Please also checkout my previous post with some pics of mine of the streets of this city.

Love, Nic

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