Lookouts – what is your story?

I wish there was a viewpoint I could climb to see my whole life up to this moment from above. I am naturally a person given to reflection, but the other day I was faced with a question I didn’t have an immediate answer for – what is your story?

Yes, what is my story?

I have looked at my life as being made of different chapters, but yet I struggle to put them all together. There is a story somewhere… but what is it?

While exploring some old lookout points in the forest near where I leave now (a forest that no longer exists because well, it was consumed by wildfires, probably because these lookout points are abandoned, just saying), I found myself wishing to have this sort of thing on my life. An impartial view on it. Being able to connect the dots.

Yet what does my story matter really, in comparison to the immensity of Earth, of the Universe? And this is where I get stuck. I’m just too small. Too insignificant. I’m no one in societal concepts. But yet, all I’m trying to do is keep moving forward even when it gets challenging. Adapting. Surviving. Adapting again. My story, my chapters are made of these little stepbacks immediately remediated by my own will and strength.

So many believe there is a reason for existence. Believing we, the human species, are here for a purpose, were given a gift. And perhaps you, reading this, are one of these believers. And, if you are, I envy you. I wish I could be a believer as well. I’ve learned to simply believe in myself. The problem with belief and faith is that often it fails us. We all go through a crisis. But when you fail to believe in yourself, you have no one else, or nothing else to blame apart from you.

What is my story? I guess mine is the story of a seeker. The story of a being who simply can’t stay grounded. Who will choose the hardest path if she has to. Who has chosen risk to comfort, who gets exhilarated by challenge and depressed by conformism. But what am I seeking? No idea. Perhaps the ending for my story. But you know what they say. It is all about the journey. Not the destination.

Now, allow me to challenge you: what is your story? 🙂

Love, Nic

8 thoughts on “Lookouts – what is your story?

  1. I totally feel the same as you, in that I too am seeking, and still haven’t found my thing, though I’ve found many things I don’t want, which is also a win I guess. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  2. A thought provoking post. Summing up one’s story is indeed a tough one. And, I believe, something that can’t be told through a single article/anecdote/expression. Like you I am also a reflective person by nature and that’s unlikely to ever change. I would like to think that my blog is my story. All the travel reports cover the places I’ve been to and the things I’ve seen. The short stories tell my personal tales, my life triumphs and disappointments. They also focus on those people who, for better or for worse, made an impact on me. This in itself is a journey and one I’m so glad I embarked on. Keep on going!

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    1. Thanks for commenting Leighton! One day it will definitely be interesting to look at everything we’ve written, photographed and shared and see our story reflected in every word. Blogging is a fantastic way to keep a record of the high and low points of life 🙂

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  3. So, I was thinking a lot about what to say … but you’ve asked for it ☺️ …
    There’s no way I can sum this up in just one paragraph … but let’s try: Yes, I am a believer and know there is a purpose for me in life (not just know or believe it, but also experienced it). But this doesn’t mean my life is without hurt/pain – without going in too much detail, we’ve had 5 miscarriages and don’t have children … so, I think there might be a tiny reason why I should feel this is not the way I would have written my life story. But through all this pain (that later changes into acceptance), I knew it’s not me who’s writing the story (yes, I’ve surely added some interesting chapters though), but the One I believe in, knows what plans He has for me in this life.
    Sometimes, when I’m in a difficult moment in my life, I do ask “Serious!?” … but then, when I later look back (sometimes it’s years later), I knew this is how it was suppose to be.
    I’m going to play a bit with your last sentence … I’m embracing this journey and look forward to my destination.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing that part of your story. Really sorry to hear that. Most times we don’t have control on everything that happens in life. Afterall, how much of our story is in the hands of something or someone (depending of course on your beliefs) we don’t have any control of? As I said I am a believer of myself, and that we, as humans, can bring ourselves to be a lot stronger that we ever imagined, especially after going through some really hard and painful stuff we never thought we’d be able to survive… and yet, we do, and we keep moving on… and making our story one worth telling 🙂 thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this question ☺️ I genuinely admire your strength and faith!

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      1. I absolute agree with you that we are stronger than what we think we are … I’m amazed at how people (who really had a tough time), just go on with their lives no matter what 👍🏻.

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