Postcards from Amsterdam

While we still can’t do much travelling, I’m going through my past trips and pick some of my favourite photos to post on this blog and my “newish” travel dedicated Instagram account. Because every week I was spending too much time deciding what destination to focus on, I put them all in my Pikachu bag and draw a paper every week that will decide what I’ll be remembering for the following week.

This week, Amsterdam was the city that the Universe decided to go with. I chose some of my favourite photos – hope you enjoy them! As I wrote in my previous post, this is a city I would imagine myself living in for sure.

What’s the best thing about Amsterdam? No matter how grey or sunny it is, the streets are so damn beautiful.
An early morning.
View to the NEMO Science Museum
It took me a while to understand the meaning of this sign. Apparently, it says this is a alcohol free zone.

Hope you enjoyed this collection of my photos – if you want to read more about my experience in Amsterdam, you can read the posts down below:

Amsterdam: live & let live

Amsterdam: what I did

Love, Nic

5 thoughts on “Postcards from Amsterdam

  1. tiveste sorte com o tempo cof cof 😛 também não me negava a viver um mês em Amesterdão, deve ser mágico passear de bike, subindo e descendo pontes, fazer corridas com velhinhas e equilibrar as compras no cesto 🙂 PedroL

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