Postcards from Dublin

Oh the good old days, when I could just go for a quick weekend getaway…

In 2018, I found some cheap flights to Dublin, leaving from London quite early one Saturday morning (or late into the night) and coming back on the following Sunday at the end of the evening.

I had never been in Ireland, and with me spending my days off so quickly, I thought being so “close” to me I could just get a taster on a quick weekend trip. I was told that all I would get was rain because a sunny day in Ireland is almost considered a sacred gift. I was quite privileged – on Saturday it the sun was out, not a drop of rain, but Sunday was just awful, I was constantly drenched and couldn’t really take many photographs.

When living in London, once in a while I would miss the sea greatly. So when I saw the opportunity to actually go for a hike on an actual sunny day in Howth, by the beach, I simply took it. And I do not regret it. Of course, if I hadn’t done it I would probably have more photographs of the city of Dublin. I did go back there in January 2020 but it was for a work event and spent more time in Microsoft’s building than anywhere else 😜 had the privilege of a full tour and event had dinner at this beautiful hotel (you can check the post here) but here I just want to show off my favourite “postcards” from my short trip to Dublin in 2018.

The Trinitty College Library – the main reason I wanted to visit Dublin was so I could be physically here, because in my dreams the visits were frequent. I first saw a photo of this library in an encyclopedia as a child and I swore I would have to visit one day. And that day finally came in 2018.
Dublin Castle – view from behind.
Dublin Castle – View from the front with some cherry blossoms. As you can see, the sky was announcing rain already, so I was trying to get the photos I could without the interference of water.
While I can’t remember the name of this street (and yes, not wanting to look up in Google Maps) it was adjacent to the fabulou Hugh Lane Gallery that I visited and thoroughly enjoyed.
I remember taking this just before started to pour. For anyone who’s been looking at this blog for some time, you know I’m a sucker for all gothic things and the contrast of the austere and grey church with the colourful facades of the pubs leading to it called my attention.
As it poured rain like the end of the world outside, I found refuge in St. Stephen Shopping Centre, which is definitely worth a visit even if you’re not planning to shop there. This was early on Sunday and most shops were actually closed.
The D’Oliers Chambers building also called my attention. This was probably on Saturday, when the sun was out and I was on my way to catch a train to Howth.

And that’s all, folks! Hope you enjoyed this tiny selection of photos of Dublin and were not disappoint to not have seen a visit to the Guiness Beer Factory or even the famous Temple Bar. But with the tiny time I had, I preferred to dedicate it to what really matters to me more – art and history – by visiting art galleries and the Kilmainham Gaol Jail.

For more detail on this, please check out my post from 2018 🙂

Love, Nic

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