Postcards from Bucharest

My last trip abroad was to Romania (I’m excluding the trip of me coming back to Portugal or the quick 2 days work trip I was still able to do to Dublin in January of 2020). It’s insane to think that. It looks like it was so long ago. Because well… it was.

Romania was a destination on my list for some time, but I really wanted to visit in Halloween. I know, it sounds cheesy, please don’t judge me too harshly.

So of course on the 31st of October, I would be visiting the Bran Castle where supposedly Vlad Dracula, the personality that served as inspiration for Dracula) spent some time. In fact, he didn’t really live there for long, but well… I wanted to visit still. A year back I had visited a prison in Bucharest where he spent more time than in this actual castle.

I always do extensive research about the country I’m visiting. I like to learn about their history, their culture, their roots. I’m not typically guided only by fan fiction or the most Instagramable spots. I truly care. Honest. Of course, I do love to take photographs and I love to be in places that my lense would adore. While investigating, I was very aware that my interest had changed. I didn’t want to just visit Transylvania and that was it. I wanted to spend time in Bucharest as well, photograph those streets. Learn about its harsh history.

On my trip, I visited Brasov, Sinaia and Bucharest. I cannot tell you what I loved the most. If the tiny and hospitable town of Brasov, the beautiful mountainous views of Sinaia and its victorian mansions, or the ruined Paris that Bucharest actually is. Romania is truly a beautiful country that I simply must go back to. Revisiting these photos gave the chills. I just really liked to photograph the streets of Bucharest. It almost felt like photography the remains of the Golden Ages.

The beautiful front of Stavropoleos Monastery Church
Typical communist block of apartments who have seemingly stopped in time.
If you visit Romania and get tired of all the Communist atmosphere, in the Old Town you’ll still find remnants of happier times. Caru’ cu bere has over 130 years old and serves amazing food.

Hope you enjoyed this selection of photos from the city of Bucharest. If you want to see more about Bucharest and other towns I visited in Romania, check the articles below.

Love, Nic

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7 thoughts on “Postcards from Bucharest

  1. O my goodness, that’s seriously one of the most beautiful bookshops ever! I would love to visit Romania and explore Bucharest one day, too. Romania is said to be the most biogeographically diverse countries in the European Union ☺️ Thanks for sharing and have a good day ☺️ Aiva

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    1. Isn’t in? It’s really pretty, I wanted to buy a book just for the pleasure of buying in this shop – they do have a great selection of English books so it’s quite foreigner friendly 🙂 I was also able to visit Brasov and Sinaia – simply beautiful and unique places! I also advice using the train, it goes through the mountains and you can admire the beautiful natural landscaping.

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