And Spring comes once again

I was just looking at the two posts I wrote last year, when I was already confined in my room in London and was seeing my future plans ruined by this odd pandemic. On my post “The Birth of Spring – Part I” I wrote about how dark Spring was actually looking. It was difficult to savour the sunlight when so many negative news were breaking through our lives.

The London Eye behind this beautiful tree

Back in London, I was living near an amazing park where I went for walks on those days. That was the thing about London. I took my camera and captured the start of Spring. This year? Can’t believe I’m again in a lockdown. But this time I wasn’t able to go to a beautiful park to see the birth of Spring and think about Botticelli.

I guess there is something comforting in knowing that at least Nature hasn’t changed. That there are still four seasons and these keep going without caring a tad about covid. But these last few days I’m finding myself missing London painfully. Missing those beautiful walks. Missing the pronounced seasons. Missing watching the dogs play in the parks. Just missing that amazing part of my live, and wishing I can retrieve it.

Spring is suppose to mean rebirth, but not this year. Like in 2020 I think we’re still pretty lost. My life on hold. Difficult to blossom in such a state, don’t you agree? Anyway, trying to keep positive and appreciative of everything. That’s what we can do for ourselves and others.



10 thoughts on “And Spring comes once again

  1. When we head history of the most nations, it is filled with unexpected often difficult events and sad stories-wars, uprooting of people, migrations, and harassments. The world has been relatively peaceful post second world war. Prior to this the boundaries kept changing especially in Europe. Change is constant, this shall too pass.

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  2. Agree, this is not the most comfortable times in our lives … but like you’ve said, the seasons did not change, the sun is shining brightly every day (well, at least here in South Africa where it’s still summer) and the birds are chirping in the green space behind our home while they’re looking for food.
    Nature is a wonderful spectacle and we enjoy watching all of these so much more closer than what we’ve used to before.
    We appreciate life more, also the quality time with our family and friends … so yes, to stay positive in a time like this, is a great virtue 💌.

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  3. se há cidade onde gostaria de morar é Londres!! tem tudo, desde concertos brutais e museus, a parques maravilhosos e cafés acolhedores 🙂 deves ter passado um belo tempo lá, espero que consigas regressar e vás dar esses belos passeios 🙂 boa semana, PedroL

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  4. I strongly agree to your post. Somewhere we all were lost, but if you see closely our creator had a plan for each one of us. When we were locked in a small room in this pandemic time a lot of of us got the time to rediscover things which were lost in them. Many discovered something new. Some had a loss and some have utilized it. And yes the biggest positive change in our behavior was that we started realizing how beautiful it was to feel the freedom. Just walking in the park a year and half back was not a big deal but now if you see its an accomplishment to feel it to smell it and to see it. Indeed the year made us all realized that we humans are just a tiny part of nature. And we should admire it, protect it so we enjoy living simply peacefully.

    I hope you start enjoying your days soon! Have a beautiful day ahead.

    Sana Sayyed
    Mumbai, India

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