The doors of Tallinn

One think I lack in my life is focus. I think that’s always been my main problem. I’m not talking about the kind of focus you need to finish a task. I’m writing about focus in a purpose. While some very fortunate human beings have their own very specific interests, to which they direct their attention, on which they focus and invest their time on, developing it deeply, helping to determine the shape their life takes, and potentially even their own career, I’m pretty much a mess. And that is because I will develop an interest in so many different things, that I will be overwhelmed and never decide on a unique path. My path has many, many doors.

I supposed that my twenties will be when I find out what really I want to do next in life. I can’t live without a purpose…I thought I would have an epiphany. I’m now twenty eight, will be twenty nine this year… and all I see are so many different doors, so many different purposes! (at least for when the pandemic is over). And in my head, those doors were made at the image of the doors or Tallinn. They are all beautiful, in their way, but so different. That’s what makes it so hard to choose.

Enough of my rambling. This week is dedicated to my trip to Tallinn. A small city that becomes so big with its secret alleys and courtyards. And one fun thing to do (and I wished I had had more time to do) is to collect photographs of its beautiful, picturesque doors. Enjoy!

I absolutely adore old wooden doors.
This door is a special one. It belongs to the oldest running pharmacy in Europe, first opened in 1422. You read right – the pharmacy is to this day (at least 2018, when this photo was taken) with open doors, and you can go inside to visit.
Even this gate is so Wes Anderson.

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6 thoughts on “The doors of Tallinn

  1. quantas mais portas, melhor! é sinal que tens maior variedade de coisas para ver e conhecer, e talvez encontrar o teu propósito, o teu caminho, o que definitivamente não queres ser 🙂 boa semana Nic! PedroL

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  2. You’re right about our purpose in life … I’ve just recently discover that I have a destiny in life and I’m working hard in trying to find out exactly what it is (and I’m almost 50 … so, you still have more than enough time to find yours 😊).
    Love the photo’s of the doors … we’ve taken so many photo’s of doors on our Camino in Portugal and I was astonished at some of the really old ones. Love that pharmacy door – it’s got so much character (not even talking about the history about this place!)

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  3. This is a real pleasure: Reading how enthusiastic you are about my parents’ hometown. They had to emigrate in 1939 and have been homesick for the rest of their lives. I very much appreciate the way you see this place! The magic works. I was there twice, it works on me. The last one of these doors, the “Schwarzhäupterhaus”, was decorated by the sculptor and stonemason Arent Passer who possibly (??) was an ancestor of mine, since my great-grandmother was née Passer. The house was a dorm for single male merchants.

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