Postcards from Tallinn, Estonia

Let’s continue reliving the trips we did before while we can’t go anywhere 🙂

In 2018, I did a trip to the Baltics, covering 4 countries in 7 days. It was a great week. I found all of these countries so beautiful and rich in history. Mostly, so young, eager to thrive, still preserving their story. And, when I visited back in 2018, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were all celebrating 100 years of “existence” – at least as independent soberanies.

The last Postcards post was on Belgium, my first solo trip. So I feel like I need to say I did the Baltics female solo traveller as well. It is sad that I need to define my gender here – unfortunately, we all know women face many different challenges when travelling alone. I can say there wasn’t a single point when I felt unsafe while travelling the Baltics.

On my first post about the city of Tallinn I have a few more details about the city and its history. Check it out 🙂 At the time, I called it a “real life medieval fair” because that’s exactly how it felt – like I had travelled in time.

Tallinn’s main Square
Tallinn’s seen from above, with its unique fortified wall
It had been a rainy day, and no one was sitting outside. But I felt like I really wanted to – surrounded by all of these buildings of germanic influence.
Saint Catherine’s Passage
Just another cute colourful old building with a Antique store on it.
The Danish King’s Garden with its faceless monks
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral – A Russian Orthodox Church

The Kadriog Art Museum

Hope you enjoyed travelling back in time with me with this post. There will be more about Tallinn this week, stay tuned! If you’d like to read about my trip to the Baltics, check it here.

Love, Nic

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10 thoughts on “Postcards from Tallinn, Estonia

  1. Ai os Bálticos, que maravilha 🙂 eu morei alguns meses em Riga e não foi nada fácil lol mas uma das coisas boas foi descobrir os países à volta 🙂 é incrível como são tão diferentes, cada um à sua medida.

    Gosto muito de Tallinn, parece uma cidade de brincar, muito limpinha e com a catedral russa a brilhar 🙂

    E que belas fotos que tens 🙂 vou então procurar-te no IG 🙂

    boa semana,


    1. Obrigada 🙂 Riga também é muito bonito, mas uma coisa é ser turista de passagem e outra completamente diferente é viver lá.


      1. mesmo!! imagina, cheguei em Setembro, nevou entre Dezembro e Abril lol arranjei trabalho em Março e zarpei de Riga e Junho…

        a cidade é mt bonita mas o tempo é intragável, limita demais, os locais estão habituados, mas para mim foi mega difícil… agora olho para trás e gostei da experiência, mas na altura foi complicado!

        boa semana 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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