My favourite shots of animals from my trips

I am one of those people who prefer animals to well… people. When I’m travelling I love to photograph the animals that I encounter. An no, not only the most exotic or wild ones. Anything – from ducks, to seagulls, cats and dogs… I love to place them with the scenery behind them and bring them to me.

I have dozens of these photos. Went through a few and here they are 🙂 Enjoy! I’ve also linked the articles I wrote at the time about each one of these places.

The Romantic Duo | Edinburgh, Scotland – I found these two ducks when resting by a lock after descending the Arthurs Seat hill, in Edinburgh, Scotland. I posted this one today on Instagram to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In my head, this is a romantic couple, praising one another in a beautiful, chilled Sunday.
The Renaissance Cat | Florence, Italy – It was May, a warm day in Florence and I was admiring the crib of Renaissance from afar, in Piazzale Michelangelo. This cat was there to have his portrait made with the beautiful city in the background. You can distinguish the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Giotto’s Bell Tower.
The Finnish Squirrel | Helsinki, Finland – This beautiful, fat squirrel was playing around in the island of Seurasaari, while I was exploring the open air museum. It was very different from the grey squirrels I was used to in London.
The Intrigued Dog | Conic Hill, Scotland – I love to watch others’ pets sniffing and running around. In the UK I always found dogs to be extremely polite and even a little shy. This little guy here was happy with his morning walk, completely oblivious to the magnificient views from above, he was just hunting for smells.
Straying in Blue | Chefchaouen, Morocco – There are so many cats in Morocco and, yes, 20% of my photos from this trip are probably of stray cats. This one was just sitting there are staring at me suspiciously, in the blue city of Chefchaouen. Unfortunately, on my first day in Morocco, I actually saw a cat die from what it seemed an epileptic attack – not the best way to start a trip for a cat person like myself.
The Vain Duck | Helsinki, Finland – Another one taken from the Seurasaari island. I really like the form of the duck’s body in this picture, and how it looks like it’s admiring itself in the clear waters of the lake. This is one of my favourite photos of the trip.
The Sad Donkey | Moulay Idriss, Morocco – I have mixed feelings about this one. Animals have been used by humans for centuries, but that reality saddens me. In Moulay Idriss, cars can’t go inside the town, where any roads are too narrow to even be called roads. Donkeys are used as a way of transportation of people but also of things, such as tourists luggages. All I could hope for is that they were treated well, and not suffering from all the weight they often have to carry. Still I find this picture particularly heartbreaking.
The Golden Deer | Richmond Park, London, UK – I had just moved to London and I was feeling like I was inside the films and books I had grown up with. I was ecstatic when visiting the beautiful and immense Richmond Park at the start of Fall, and saw this beautiful deer so close to me.
The Funny Camel | Tangier, Morocco – You can’t miss the camels when you visit Morocco. As with my photo from Moulay Idriss, I also have mixed feelings about the way camels may be treated by the people taking care of them. This guy here seemed to be happy and relaxed

Love, Nic

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3 thoughts on “My favourite shots of animals from my trips

  1. I love animals too … and, while looking at your beautiful pictures, I was thinking how difficult it would be for me to choose my favourite animal photo’s 🐾.
    But if I had to choose one from your post … hmm, it would be the sad donkey.

    Liked by 1 person

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