Postcards from Belgium – My first solo trip

Let’s have a walk down the memory lane 🙂

Brussels, 2016

With no content to write about while we’re all stuck at home and travel is either prohibited or, at least, not advisable at all (even domestic travelling), I have been looking through the content of the last 5 years.

I remember having this epiphany. For years I had been wanting to travel. For the first time I felt I was finally in a good position financially. And then I realised I was living in London, a city with so many international connections that going to Paris or Brussels, was literally just a little over 2 hours away.

Ghent, 2016

Belgium was the chosen destination for my first true solo travel experience. I did go to London alone, but that was to work and live, not for travelling purposes. I had flown to places by myself before, but I was always meeting someone at the destination point. So, for the first time, I was not only doing the actual journey alone, I was also going to spend a few days, touring Belgium by myself. I was actually never nervous about it. It was what we would say a safe destination – in Europe, just a train ride away (I became bolder with experience).

Brussels, 2016
Bruges, 2016

I do remember the feeling I had when it was over. Oh my. I felt so proud of myself. Looking back now it sounds so silly. In 2019 I actually toured Mexico alone, and a lot of people still think I’m missing some important screws in my head. But that little trip to Belgium was a start of something huge in my life. The realisation that the world was mine to explore. I could do it alone and enjoying the experience thoroughly. Nobody could stop me. I was a free woman in a free world. Privileged enough to continue to do it. And so I did, until Covid-19 hit.

So here are some postcards from that trip. Enjoy!

Bruges, 2016
Bruges, 2016
Bruges, 2016
Somewhere in Belgium (can’t actually remember where but you can find these literally everywhere)
Antwerp, 2016

Where was you first solo trip to?

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