The official launch on Social Media (follow me)

A dramatic scenery spotted in the interior of Madeira Island. Simply stunning.

This blog has only been a safe place for me to write about what I feel like. It’s been kept sort of private for years, and it was okay for me. I never felt obliged to write or to post my photographs here. I just wanted to. It felt right to share some thoughts with the Internet and perhaps someone or there would look at it and think – I’m not alone. Someone feels the same way or has similar interests to mine.

Before this whole pandemic started, I never really felt any need to start a Instagram account or Facebook page to drive traffic here. I know the big audience is no longer looking for reading huge posts of text. And photos… well, nice to look at, but someone with a mobile phone and a good eye can take good pictures nowadays. However, for some time, working from home, not being able to go out, travel, being with friends physically… it started to feel a bit lonely…

So I have (finally) created a some new channels where I’ll be posting more frequently. I want to share my feelings on things I love, but most of all I want to hear back from whoever feels like sharing. the good thing about this bloody situation we’re living at the moment, is that Internet exists. And, to be completely honest, it’s been a “mental health” saver.

My new Instagram page is @thewingedbone and Facebook page can be followed here.

I’m also on Twitter @wingedbone.

Love, Nic


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