Sights of Madeira: the blue lava pools of Porto Moniz

The drive all the way to the North of the island have been made beneath clouds and rain. I knew the weather in the part of the island could be a little less shiny than in the south, where we were staying, but I was also expecting it to be more beautiful. I wasn’t wrong. 

Porto Cruz is probably one of my favourite places in the island. It is known for its natural swimming pools, made out fresh sea water. The water was of such clear blue, I wouldn’t have thought it was definitely completely natural, as if Nature itself wanted t give its humble inhabitants a moment of fun and relaxation.

In contrast, the rocks were pitch dark, in strange and uncanny formations. It seemed as if a child had been having fun building castles with wet black sand. A giant child of course. In truth, it was just volcanic activity. But can’t as just see volcanic activity as a way of Earth having its own tantrums? Thankfully, not always the results are catastrophic – more often than not, it creates beautiful places like these, for the humble human eye to contemplate and admire.

I personally thought it was incredibly eerie, the kind of vibe I like in any place. I think the pictures do transmit a sort of calmness that I definitely felt in this place. I don’t know how it would be in high season or in a non-covid scenario. I’m guessing it would be crowded and noisy, and perhaps my experience would have been completely different.

I’m glad I could enjoy it in its emptiness, just a few other people around. It was definitely something else.



More photos of Madeira, in the links below:

Love, Nic

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